Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Nihon Yoki Co., Ltd. was established in 1967 in Osaka Japan. Since the establishment we have been focusing on the blow molding, mainly for automobile parts and industrial parts. We are supplying not only simple blow molding products but also blow molding parts combined or assembled with other parts and material, such as injection molding pars, rubber parts and metal parts.

Our main object is to be satisfied customer with guaranteed quality just in time. To improve quality and technology of blow molding products, we develop blow mold and blow molding machine by ourselves in Sannan factory. In the mold division, we have been concentrating on quicker delivery with precision, using 3D CAD systems and CNC machines. We believe high quality final products come out from only high quality mold.

To improve smoother operation, our molding machine division develops adequate machine for various products needs. We can select reliable and suitable parts such as screw, nozzle to adjust a feature of material and final products. Our integrated technologies always satisfy advanced customer requirements.

Nihon Yoki Co. Ltd. also improve management system through ISO 9001, 14001. We are certified ISO 9001:2000 in 2000, ISO 14001:2004 in 2004 by ASR .

Establishment April 1967
Corporate capital JPY 50 million
Sales in 2019 JPY 698 million
Head Office 4-2-16 Kasuga-cho Toyonaka Osaka Japan
Factory 1. 1231-1, Kamitaki Sannnan-cho Tanba-shi Hyogo Japan
2. 220-1, Saiga Sannnan-cho Tanba-shi Hyogo Japan
3. 329-1 Shimoyamaguchi Ymaguchi-cho Nishinomiyha Hyogo Japan
Employee 50
Main Hardware

Blow Molding Machine
65mm Blow Molding Machine *5
80mm Blow Molding Machine *13
90mm Blow Molding Machine *1

Injection Molding Machine
80 Ton Injection Molding Machine *1
360 Ton Injection Molding Machine *1
650 Ton Injection Molding Machine *2

Cimatron *4
Cadkey *1

Okuma MB55VB *1
Okuma MB56V *1

Drilling Machine *2
Lathe *1

Subsidiary Imafuku Mold Co. Ltd.

Customer We are supplying or had supplied for
Daihatsu, Honda, Kawasaki, Kubota, Matsushita, Mitsubishi Motor , Sekisui Kagaku , Suzuki Motor Co. , Tigers Polymer Co. , Toshiba Electric Co. , Yanmar , Zojirushi Co. ,
(alphabetical order)
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